Snake eats ONE lizard.. poops EVERYWHERE !!!

In this video we will be looking at a Lycodon capucinus, also known as the Common or Oriental Wolf Snake. These non-venomous snakes are endemic to Asia and feed primarily on small lizards and frogs. Whilst watching this video, you will come across a picture and video footage of the snake grabbing and eating an ALREADY-DEAD common house gecko that had been ethically euthanized. These lizards are a common staple for Wolf Snakes, depending on location. This video is not intended to showcase any gory, violent, or disturbing behaviour – It is to show an example of a food chain that Mother Nature had intended. Snakes are carnivorous, have been and always will be. Feeding pet snakes frozen/thawed prey items is a common practice for snake keepers/enthusiasts. ** This video is purely for ed

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