Marduk’s Invincible Weaponry: The Mysterious Rod and Ring of Lapiz Lazuli – Anunnaki Mythology

The Mysterious Lapis Lazuli Rod And Ring. The Rod and Ring symbol is a symbol that is depicted on Mesopotamian stelas, cylinder seals and reliefs. It is held by a god or goddess and in most cases is being offered to a king who is standing, often making a sacrifice, or otherwise showing respect. She faces forwards. The symbol dates from the Sumerian Renaissance to the Neo-Assyrian Period and is commonly explained as a coil of measuring string and a yardstick. Other theories are that they are a shepherd’s crook and a nose rope, or that the ring is no rope at all. The best-known example of the symbol is seen on the Code of Hammurabi stela. The most elaborate depiction is found on the Ur-Nammu-stela, where the winding of the cords has been detailed by the sculptor. This has also been described

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