How to take care of a BETTA FISH 🐟 My Pet Fish

What type of water conditions should a Betta fish have? What should Betta fish eat? This is a basic beginner Betta fish care guide. I hope this helps you take better care of your pet fish. Scientific name: Betta splendens Lifespan: 3 Γ’Β€” 10 years (In captivity) Betta Fish need: Filter – but make sure the current is not too strong for your betta. Heater – Betta fish like water temperatures between 78-82ºF/24-27ºC Places to hide and feel secure. Avoid jagged rocks or decorations Did you know? The betta got its name from an ancient clan of warriors, called the “Bettah.” The fish were given a combatant name after the fighting fish became popular in the mid-1800s. In fact, the sport became so renowned in Thailand that the former King of Siam had it regulated and taxed! Spectators of the

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